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This versatile profession covers many areas, including carpentry, weapons, trinkets, and more. However, most woodworkers tend to pick a specialty and stick with it, so as not to strain themselves or uphold a monopoly. In fact, woodworkers were among the first groups to unionize and form a Guild. These can be found in every major city and some of the larger towns.

Beyond furniture and toys, a magically inclined woodworker can construct staffs, wands, and totems for mages. It's a highly lucrative business model, but can be demanding, both psychically and mentally. Many choose to outsource the labor of chopping trees or scavenging to lumberjacks and adventurers, depending on the quality desired.

Everyone knows what a staff or wand is, but totems or tokens as they are often called here, are very different. They come in many forms, depending on the crafter or client, but generally resemble a compact version of the critter its set to summon. In Meike's case, these resemble hand carved figures that sit comfortably in your palm. You dash them against the ground, and the creature inside bursts free to do your bidding. I'd say it's a bit like Pokemon in that regard.

Known woodworkers