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Common Beasts

These can be found in many areas across Glasend.

  • Boars: Medium sized herbivores that live in groups of sounders, from 20 up to 50. They are very protective of their young and group, but generally won't bother you unless provoked. Drops: fur, meat, tusks

  • Lagomorphs: Rabbits and hares, and the rare pika. While they may be small, these little critters pack quite the punch! They're mostly hunted for their meat and fur, but can be tamed and kept as pets. Drops: feet, fur, meat

  • Wolves: Large canines that travel in packs. They're shy around humans and would rather flee than fight. Elderly or starving wolves may target lone travelers along the road, however. Drops: fangs, fur, meat, claws


  • Carnivorous Plants: An assortment of giant, man-eating plants, from Sundews to Venus Flytraps. Commonly found in flower fields, but some lurk in forests. Drops: plant matter, half-digested meals

  • Thornback Bear: Large bears known for the vines that grow along their spines. The vines are usually a deep blue or purple, but more vivid colors have been recorded. They can be found in forests around Lexanard. Drops: claws, fangs, fur, meat, vines

  • Treant: They come in different varieties, and some are even targeted for their magical properties. These can be found across the globe. Drops: branches, logs, plant matter