Last Train Home

Status Update #2

I'm still in the process of setting things up, and had to postpone things a bit due to moving. We still have quite a few things to unpack and rearrange before we're settled.

I have done quite a few things on the backend, however! Mostly in the form of queuing up character sheets. Meike's will be the first I publish, as they are the protagonist. I'll gradually release the others, maybe make it a once a week thing, but the idea is to get everything set up within a month. Possibly sooner, as things grow less hectic.

It's mostly item and skill descriptions that I need to figure out, but once I get started I won't stop!

There's also the issue of imagery. I've been reasonably wary of AI generated art recently, so I may rely more on Picrew to make rough images of my characters. It's the second best thing, short of commissioning artists. And honestly, if I had the money I would be all over that!

I may do so anyway, once I have the funds for it. I know for sure I want art for Meike and a book cover (both ebook and paperback) for the later seasons. The plan is to publish the first two seasons as their own book, to signify a later shift in Meike's development.

The current cover is good for the first arc, where Meike first awakens in the world and is struggling to find their place in it. But the third or fourth season could greatly benefit from showing where they are now. I already have a rough idea of what I want in mind; just need to execute it.

Ha, this is truly a labor of love...