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Known Spells:

  • Binding Thorns: A spell that restricts its target with thorny vines.

  • Fireball: A simple ball of fire.

  • Freeeze!: A frosty blast that temporarily petrifies an enemy.

  • Hearing Aptitude: A passive spell that heightens one's hearing.

  • Keen Edge: A simple spell that sharpens blades for battle.

  • Lightning Bolt: A sharp crack of electricity, capable of paralyzing an enemy.

  • Magic Light: A friendly orb that illuminates the surrounding area.

  • Monster Taming: A passive spell for soothing and recruiting animals and monsters.

  • Mythic Script: A style of writing practiced by mages; it allows one to write on air and leave lasting messages only visible to those who can read it. It resembles cursive writing and is a purplish blue.

  • Rupture: A ground based spell that causes cracks in the ground, forming deadly pitfalls.

  • Tempest Swarm: Three orbs of raw magical energy.