Last Train Home


The capital city of Lexanard. Ruled by Queen Illora and her wife, Lady Alys.

From chapter 66:

Named for being the most beloved city in the land, and for the red clay that made up its buildings and streets. Laeford may have been a labor of love, but Redadore was a work of art.

The red bricked buildings had a modern edge to them, boasting the wealth and status of the city. The corner shops and salespersons would fit right at home back on Earth, minus the obvious technological advancements. But even here they had comparable amenities, such as running water, mana powered stoves, bidets...and little computer-like devices, not quite laptops or phones, but close enough it gave her a shock to see. Laken teased her for it then, the memory brought a blush to her cheeks.