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Name: Pickles Barkenshire, Jr

Age: 8

Gender: Male

Pronouns: He/Him

Sexuality: Hetero

Class: Bruiser, off-tank

Job: N/A

Race: Fey Corgi

Appearance: A large orange furred corgi, who alternates between walking on two legs or four. He has small, rat-like paws in his bipedal form.

Personality: He's a little asshole, but has a heart of gold. He but off part of Anniken's finger within seconds of meeting her. He dislikes being handled like a dog, unless he can directly benefit from it.

Origin: Met Meike and Anniken early on in their journey, and offered to assist them along the way. He's something of a mentor to Meike and taught them how to handle a knife and skin rabbits.

Armor: He mostly wears leather armor if pressed, but otherwise prefers to go without.

Weapon(s): A well worn but sharp axe. He also relies on his bite strength, which is quite impressive for a small dog.