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Laeford is one of the nicer cities on this side of the kingdom. Many woodcrafting and stone laying adventurers flock to this city to help with upkeep and renovate older buildings. There's a bustling marketplace, as well a small fishing hub near the docks.

There's much to explore here, and Meike has only seen a fraction of it, such as the docks, Sinnet Street, and Hollow’s End.

Just outside of Laeford are two areas of interest:

Clark Meadows

A series of gentle hills, tall grass, and a score of trees. It's the perfect spot for fishing, foraging, and hunting. Boars, rabbits, wolves, and other low threat critters can be found here. A raging river cuts through it, and gators can be seen lounging on the bank, waiting for weary travelers to wander close enough to snatch up.

Candle Cove

It's a small fishing village near a lake outside of Laeford. Good place to fight aquatic monsters or go fishing.

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