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Guilds are a very important aid for crafters, especially young apprentices and those seeking their place in the world. Alchemists and woodworkers boast two of the oldest guilds in all of Glasend, while tailors and herbalists tend to be more isolated. Tailors in particular could benefit from unionizing, but have been slow to do so, making them one of the youngest Guilds. Herbalists usually strike out on their own or opt to work with their instructors.

I'll name them as they are mentioned in the story proper, but there are two prominent fractions in Laeford, for alchemists and woodworkers, along with more general ones for other laborers.

While there are several main guilds, its generally advised to expand and form your own, the only requirement being registration and honoring the core rules. Audits are performed regularly to ensure everything is above board, though some guilds are better than others about adhering to those conditions.