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Name: Anniken Meister

  • Alias: Zelamir

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She/Her

Sexuality: Lesbian

Class: Swordswoman

Job: Tailor

Race: Human, white

Appearance: Anniken arrived with long, white blonde hair. She's since shaved one side clean, and the other is a mess of loose strands and braids. She has pale blue eyes, is 5'7", and is missing part of the middle finger on her right hand.

Personality: Like Cass and Pickles, she was initially rather abrasive at times, and still can be, particularly with Pickles. She's mellowed out some overtime, and has proven herself to be a decent leader. Anniken is also very insistent on having her own way, but will listen to reason.

Origin: She was transported over with Meike during the incident. Her backstory remains unknown to Meike, but Laken, her on and off again partner, may know more.


  • Simple leather armor, including bracers, greaves, and breastplate. She wears a heavy black cloak at the moment.


  • A one-handed sword with a sleek black handle. There's a Z etched onto the tang of the blade.


  • Vallens: Anniken's mount, gifted to her by Laken. It's a horse with a cream colored coat, brown legs and mane, and the long, pointy horn of a narwhal.


  • Magic Light


  • Auto-counter (PDA)
  • Coinpurse (heavy)
  • Sewing kit

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