Last Train Home

Meike’s cozy train ride left them stranded in Glasend, a world where magic and man-eating plants are the norm. With their knowledge of botany and healing herbs, Meike aspires to become a reputable herbalist and mage. They make many friends along the way, including a quick-witted swordswoman, an axe wielding corgi, and other quirky characters.

Season 1 included a series of fetch quests and adaptation, season 2 explored magic and proper questing, and wrapped up at episode 60. Season 3 started in early February of 2023, and currently follows Meike's exploits far from Laeford.

Updates are posted weekly, on Thursdays.

This is a actively updated site, and there may be some light spoilers in character profiles.

Meet the Author

Hi, I'm Sienna Eggler (ey/em), author of this web serial and many other stories! I'm black, neurodivergent, and queer. I infuse my various identities into my work, to show more of what I wish to see in fiction.

This series started as a passion project, a sort of neverending story. I'd write it even if I weren't being paid for it, though I'm grateful for any support I receive. I'd love to devote funds to future cover designs and maybe even fun character art.

You can learn more about me through my blog.