Last Train Home

Status Update #6

After checking through everything, I've mostly covered everything. Races? Check. Crafts? Check! The only "major" thing left are guilds, which don't get introduced until later in the story (as in season 3). There just hasn't been a need for them yet, as Meike is still acclimating to the world and has only just started adventuring and crafting more for profit.

I do intend for them to join a guild at some point, maybe even a new one started by Anniken. There are great advantages to being in a guild; they're essentially unions, and provide crafting materials, armor, weapons, shelter, and more.

I haven't found a new job yet, unfortunately. I'll continue using this spare time to write and flesh out my world more. Once I'm done drafting and editing my other series, I may go back to posting twice a week for this one. That's what I did when I first started, before work kicked in and I had to slow down to only once a week.

But there's just so much to write for this one story alone! I think it would be the one exception to my "no series" rule. I just never thought I'd have the ability to write multiple books in a series, which is why I'm a little skittish about fantasy, but I think I could pull it off here. There's just so much to explore, even if it wasn't a portal fantasy.

Anyway, back to writing! I really am lucky that my books and serials generate enough income to temporarily keep me afloat during my job hunt. Would be impossible, otherwise!