Last Train Home

Status Update #5

Doing this a bit late...I meant to have an update post before the end of January, but life and other expectations got in the way. I had to prepare for the release of my upcoming novel and job hunt. Needless to say, I'm more excited about the former than the latter! I think I've found a new job, but we'll see how that goes...

Anyway, this little companion guide is finally starting to look more fleshed out! There's much I still want to address, such as character races. Mostly human cast so far, but I've got a few beastmen and the one plant person at the moment. If it were just humans I probably wouldn't bother (I mean, what's more that needs to be said?), but the others deserve a little recognition.

I'd also like to make info pages for the other crafts, just not herbalism and alchemy. I want to give readers an idea of what these other professions are capable of, and how they may impact Meike's journey.

I'm in no real rush to get these out, but ideally I'd have most of it done by March, or April at the latest. This all hinges on what free time I can salvage, between family, work, writing, and hobbies. I should also be editing Last Train Home, at least in batches, so I have the book version ready to release by summer. And that's quite the task, at 62 chapters and 65k+...I'm bound to delete and add on more to that. The first chapter is getting cut, for sure. Most people don't get beyond that one, but I unfortunately can't cut it right now, due to the serial format and other issues.

The first few chapters in general are a little rocky, but the story picks up beyond that point.

I'm going to take it one day at a time for now, and focus on getting this guide up to standards.