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The People of Glasend

Humans are the largest group of people in the world, but there are others. Meike's been fortunate enough to encounter several in Laeford alone, and will eventually meet more as the story progresses.


Meike has only encountered two so far, a feline (Patches), and a sheepdog (Jack). A human from Meike's world would refer to them as "furries" or "weres," which is considered racially insensitive in Glasend. Some breeds are aggressive, but most are kind and gentle, and want nothing more than to live peaceful lives. Beastfolk can commonly be found on the frontlines, and make for excellent traveling partners.


Like beastfolk, they come in many shapes and sizes, with birds of prey having a reputation similar to carnivorous beastfolk. Smaller breeds generally shy away from humans and others outside of their flocks. A small number of birdfolk are unable to fly, but the ones who can usually find work as messengers.


Your elves, pixies, and other such creatures. Some are startling beautiful and vain, whereas others shun humanoid forms in favor of the more fantastical. They can be helpful or malicious, with little in-between.


Every now and then, you encounter the results of interspecies mating, or someone who chose this life via potions and other body modifications. Hybrids aren’t a rare occasion, but most tend to go into hiding out of shame and ostracization. Willing hybrids, such as Meike’s mentor, Maggie, are more likely to flaunt their differences, especially in more progressive areas.


Aquatic people who live under the sea, commonly spotted by sailors during their travels. Some sailors started the rumor that merfolk are beautiful women with ample bosoms, but scholars have long disputed that claim. Merfolk look more fish than human, and only the brave would dare to bed one. They have sharp teeth, bulbous eyes, fins, fills, and a long tail. The females like to adorn themselves with jewelry found among shipwrecks or looted from the bodies of lustful seamen.


They go by many names, such as goblins, ogres, and lesser giants. Orcs are a hardworking people, traditionally used for labor intensive jobs. Originally treated as less sentient creatures, several have paved the way for innovation in architecture and medicine. A few have even worked to better relations between humans and trolls, to middling results.


Amphibians often get lumped into this group as well, despite being their own thing. In general, they resemble humanoids with rough, scaly skin. They can often be spotted on rooftops and trees, sunbathing. Meike's met a few amphibians, natural tricksters with their sticky and extendable tongues.