Last Train Home

Prepping for Wide Release!

This one gets its own (and first) news tag! And that's to bring some really good news.

I don't expect most readers to know this, but due to Kindle Vella's exclusivity, authors have to keep their stories locked behind paywalls. However, we can publish them as ebooks and physical copies. The catch is that the episodes must wait thirty days after the last relevant episode has been posted. Full removal is sixty days.

I was always planning to release these as a series of books, and was waiting until I had at least two seasons completed before starting. This is also out of concern for cover art. I'd like to use my current cover for the first book, but something entirely different for the second. One with Meike on the cover is preferable, and I already have an idea in mind.

But this is good news for you, especially!

As Vella is limited to readers in the US only (or someone with an account in this country), I can only share it on serial platforms, which isn't always accessible to most people. And then there are those who don't care for the serialized format, but would read it otherwise.

Plus ebooks and such are sold at stable prices, occasionally at a discount. It's a win win for everyone, and my books would reach people around the world.

I've only just started editing and combining chapters, so I probably won't have the whole thing finished until late April. And that's not counting the formatting process! I'll make periodic updates on the process, just so you know I haven't forgotten about it. I'm super excited to wrap it all together!