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Name: Patches Deftpaw

Age: 14

Gender: Agender

Pronouns: It/Its

Sexuality: Pansexual

Class: Mage and trickster

Job: Sailor

Location: Laeford, near the docks

Race: Feline humanoid

Appearance: It has blue black fur, blue eyes, and wears a colored scarf (varies from red to blue) around its neck.

Personality: Patches is fairly laid back and has a good sense of humor. It has so far presented as nonverbal, but for the occasional meow. Sign language is its preferred method of communication, but it doesn't mind using the Mythic Script or basic writing, depending on the person.

Origin: One of few people to not send Meike on frivolous fetch quests. It gave them its old spell books, meant for children. Patches also gave Meike a better fishing rod, after they were scammed by a shopkeeper.

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