Last Train Home


Name: Meike Pfeiffer

Age: 22

Gender: Agender

Pronouns: They/Them

Sexuality: Aroace, Sapphic

Class: Mage

Job: Herbalist

Race: Human

Appearance: Meike has a thick, dark brown curly afro. Their eyes are a lighter shade of brown and they are 5'4" ft tall. They dress very casually, in a comfortable cotton tunic and brown leggings. Meike's outerwear of choice is a black and yellow honeycomb patterned poncho, also made by Anniken. It has few protective qualities in combat, but provides ample warmth and shelter from the cold and rain.

Personality: Inquisitive to a fault, hardworking, eager to please, and skittish at the idea of doing harm, even to dangerous monsters. They're also autistic, and enjoy routine and structure.

Origin: Transported across worlds after their train presumably crashes. They were headed towards a farm to volunteer; Meike was a botany major and just finished their Bachelor's degree.






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