Last Train Home


Name: Meike Pfeiffer

Age: 22

Gender: Agender

Pronouns: They/Them

Sexuality: Aroace, Sapphic

Class: Mage

Job: Herbalist

Race: Human, black

Appearance: Meike has a thick, dark brown curly afro. Their eyes are a lighter shade of brown and they are 5'4" ft tall. They dress very casually, in a comfortable cotton tunic and brown leggings. Meike's outerwear of choice is a black and yellow honeycomb patterned poncho, also made by Anniken. It has few protective qualities in combat, but provides ample warmth and shelter from the cold and rain.

Personality: Inquisitive to a fault, hardworking, eager to please, and skittish at the idea of doing harm, even to dangerous monsters. They're also autistic, and enjoy routine and structure.

Origin: Transported across worlds after their train presumably crashes. They were headed towards a farm to volunteer; Meike was a botany major and just finished their Bachelor's degree.


  • Simple leather bracers and gauntlets, made and reinforced by Anniken. In need of a proper upgrade.


  • Grimoire: A spellbook bound in brown leather. The cover depicts rabbits at play in a densely wooded area.

  • Staff: A wooden staff, 6ft tall and carved with ornate designs. The wood glows with a midnight blue when conducting magic.


  • Aleksei: A thornback bear cub, with blueish thorns that'll change with age.
  • Fiver: A timid rabbit and Meike's first attempt at taming an animal.
  • Vivica: A wolf Meike healed and has convinced to join the gang...for now. She's their main offense at the moment, as Alek is too young and Fiver is timid.


  • Binding Thorns: A spell that restricts its target with thorny vines.
  • Fireball: A simple ball of fire.
  • Hearing Aptitude: A passive spell that heightens one's hearing.
  • Keen Edge: A simple spell that sharpens blades for battle.
  • Magic Light: A friendly orb that illuminates the surrounding area.
  • Monster Taming: A passive spell for soothing and recruiting animals and monsters.
  • Mythic Script: A style of writing practiced by mages; it allows one to write on air and leave lasting messages only visible to those who can read it. It resembles cursive writing and is a purplish blue.
  • Tempest Swarm: Three orbs of raw magical energy.


  • Auto-counter: Moira called it a PDA, but it looks like a Tamagotchi...It's a deep blue with red buttons, and simple commands to check the quest board and gather mana. It even comes with a mini-game.
  • Coin purse: 9 gp, 20 sp
  • Herbalist Tools: Mortar & pestle, chopping knife, vials, etc.
  • Battered maps: Three maps that lead to new quest areas.
  • Potion Rucksack: Contains potions for the group, and occasionally those intended for the market. An Elixir of Life for Meike, along with healing and mana potions, and an assortment of cures.
  • Stingers: Nine stingers from giant wasps, oozing with poison. Valuable crafting ingredient.
  • Summoner's Tokens: Three small figurines, carved from wood. They resemble Meike's current familiars: a bear, a rabbit, and a wolf.
  • Pouch of Healing Herbs: An assortment of healing herbs Meike either finds through foraging or purchasing from vendors.
  • Pocket Knife: A simple blade with a serrated edge and wooden handle. It has a good weight to it, and the blade is wicked sharp. It's mostly used for mushroom hunting, but has other uses.
  • Short Sword: A simple sword acquired from Anniken. It has a stylized M etched into the tang of the blade, and an owl’s head on the black handle.

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