Last Train Home


Name: Laken the Great & Magnificent

Age: 32

Gender: Nonbinary

Pronouns: She/They

Sexuality: Lesbian

Class: Tank

Job: Knight

Location: ???

Race: Human

Appearance: Laken wears heavy black armor, with clawed gloves and a wicked helmet fashioned in a dragon’s screaming face that obscures all but their eyes—a vivid cerulean, beautiful despite their harsh cold gaze.

Outside of the armor, her hair is brown and kept in a single braid. She's very tall, over 6ft, with arms corded with muscle.

Personality: As a renowned knight, she takes her job very seriously. From what Meike has observed, she has a reputation for flirting with pretty women. This has led to her rocky relationship with Anniken.

Origin: She met an injured Anniken on the road, and it was love at first sight. The two are currently on a break, but Laken gifted Anniken a lovely horse as compensation—a white steed similar to their own.