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Name: Cassandra Firetide

Age: 34

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She/Her

Sexuality: AroAce

Class: Archer & Mage (spellsword)

Job: Cook

Race: Human, white-passing

Appearance: A tall and stern faced woman, with dark brown eyes and black hair pulled into a ponytail. She wears black linen tunic and matching leggings, with suede boots, under a long black cloak.

Personality: Originally unapproachable and eager to use Meike as a meat shield, this ice queen has thawed out overtime and even gets along well with Pickles, while offering to take Meike under her wing. She also orchestrated Teddy's removal from the party.

Origin: First encountered in Laeford, at a joint stall shared by Moira and Meike. After the Sow incident, Cass agrees to join the small band of adventures.


  • Light armor; she excels at not getting hit by staying in the shadows, unless forced into close combat.


  • The longbow is her main weapon, as she is a trained archer and prefers sniping from afar. She has a short sword as well, which she enchants with magic to make blows more effective.


  • Jasper: A talking Green heron. He has a real potty mouth.


  • Fireball: A simple ball of fire.
  • Freeeze!: A frosty blast that temporarily petrifies an enemy.
  • Lightning Bolt: A sharp crack of electricity, capable of paralyzing an enemy.
  • Magic Light: A friendly orb that illuminates the surrounding area.
  • Mythic Script: A style of writing practiced by mages; it allows one to write on air and leave lasting messages only visible to those who can read it. It resembles cursive writing and is a purplish blue.
  • Rupture: A ground based spell that causes cracks in the ground, forming deadly pitfalls.


  • Auto-counter (PDA)
  • Coinpurse (medium)
  • Wolfen fur coat
  • Wooden arrows

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