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Building A Companion Site

I've been kicking around the idea of making my own site, something small and static. I started looking into static site generators four years ago, but I've never found anything I truly wanted to stick with. Or that I liked better than Ghost, at least for my author blog. Ideally I'd go for a more minimalist site than I already have (including few to no pictures), but that doesn't seem to be quite as popular among readers.

I am willing to go for the completely minimal approach for my own side projects, like this little blog. A personal blog doesn't need to be fancy, in my opinion. It just needs to be functional.

However, I would like to make a companion site for one of my web serials, and while it borders the line of being an LitRPG, I want to forgo the use of flashy imagery. I believe I can do a lot with mostly colors and icons alone. The hardest part, of course, is building the site. Or finding a host I like.

I considered Carrd, but at first glance it doesn't immediately offer what I need. I'm using Kanka to keep a log of character, world, and item facts, but I'd rather not throw in one more thing for readers to click on. I'd like to keep that all in house, on a site I have full control over.

I've considered several static site generators, and right now Pelican looks like my best bet. I considered Primo as well; I am familiar with CSS. But I've been studying Python and want to dabble more in web design, even if it is something as simple as Pelican. This is as much a side hobby for me as it is a need.